One Month Into the Shutdown, Restaurants Are Boarding Up Their Windows

EATER New York:

Some restaurateurs are covering big windows with plywood, saying it’s a precautionary measure when not visiting the spaces regularly.

It’s been one month since every restaurant in New York City got turned into a ghost kitchen, and to a person observing from home, the industry seems to be adjusting to the COVID-19 shutdown. There are heartwarming reports of businesses pivoting to delivery and serving hospital workers, and customers waiting for their takeout are standing outside in an orderly fashion six-feet apart. The curve is flattening.

It’s a very different picture on the ground: Most restaurants are completely shuttered. Many that tried takeout and delivery ended their operations for fear of their employees and customers’ safety. Those that are still trying to make it work are unsustainably earning a fraction of what they normally would make. Federal Small Business Administration loans have yet to hit most bank accounts, and the programs have already run out of money.

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