One man’s mission: to find voting fraud in the 2020 election — or remove the taint (video)

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VIDEO BELOW … Matt Braynard Discusses the Voter Integrity Project

Matt Braynard, a man who formerly worked as data chief and strategist for the Trump campaign, has launched an effort to investigate and uncover voter fraud that might have occurred during the 2020 election.

While media outlets have projected Democrat Joe Biden to be the winner of the presidential contest, President Trump has not conceded and has made allegations of election fraud.

Braynard noted that the investigation is “not just important because we might discover fraud, it’s also important because if we don’t discover fraud this is probably the only way we could remove the suspicion of fraud.”

“And a big component of our programs is actually reaching out to people to find out if they actually voted, if they cast a ballot that the state said they did,” Braynard said. “We have many people who’ve filed National Change of Address cards indicating they’ve moved away to a different place, yet they’re marked as having voted.”

Braynard said that the effort includes contacting these people via phone and text to inquire about whether they did cast such a ballot — and he noted that they have already found people who conveyed that they did not cast it. He said that if the individuals will sign an affidavit, “that becomes something actionable.”

Braynard’s significant undertaking targets a number of states and also involves attempting to contact large numbers of people, like the thousands of Republicans in the state of Georgia who requested an absentee ballot that the Peach State indicated did not get returned. 

He said that if a large number of those people say that they did return a ballot and they sign affidavits, “that raises a very big red flag” that could be utilized in court.

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