Official Investigation into the shooting death of DHS whistleblower Philip Haney continues

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The sheriff’s office in rural Amador County, California, which originally labeled the death by a single gunshot of DHS Obama era whistleblower Philip Haney last week as “self inflicted,” has now backed away from that assertion. A follow-up press release from the office of the Sheriff – Coroner on Monday had this to say: On February 22, the Amador County Sheriff’s Office released initial details regarding Philip Haney being found deceased in our jurisdiction. . . Unfortunately, there was misinformation being immediately put out that we have determined Mr. Haney’s death to be a suicide. This is not the case. We are currently in the beginning phase of our investigation and any final determination as to the cause and manner of Mr. Haney’s death would be extremely premature and inappropriate. No determination will be made until all evidence is examined and analyzed. This latest official statement, on top of an avalanche of comments by his friends and colleagues on social media, further opens the door to the widespread suspicion that Haney was the victim of politically motivated foul play.