Officer assaulted by prisoner at Miami-Dade Police headquarters

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Surveillance video has been released showing an officer getting knocked unconscious after he was attacked by a prisoner. According to Miami-Dade Police, the prisoner refused to follow orders while getting booked and fingerprinted Tuesday night at police headquarters in Doral and began punching the officer in the face in a holding cell. Authorities said the prisoner continued with the brutal blows even after the officer lost consciousness. Another employee, who was wearing an orange forensics shirt, ran into the holding cell to help. Backup officers arrived and helped take the suspect to the ground. “It’s disturbing when you see the video. An unprovoked attack, that’s what that was. It wasn’t a fight, it was an attack that we could’ve easily had another funeral,” said Miami-Dade Police Department Detective Alvaro Zabaleta. This attack on law enforcement took place just days after another MDPD officer was attacked by a passenger during a big brawl at Miami International Airport