Off-duty Chicago cop warns alleged thief she’ll ‘kill’ him before fatal shooting: footage

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An off-duty Chicago cop warned a potential robber she’d kill him, and then followed through on that pledge when she fired three shots at the man, footage from the wild scene showed.

The police officer issued the threat on Jan. 17 after the suspect appeared to grab her gun minutes after she broke up a fight between four people – including the alleged thief, officials said.

As the two wrestled and fell to the ground, the handgun went off and hit 39-year-old Leevon Smith, according to Chicago’s Civilian Office of Police Accountability (COPA).

“I’ll kill you,” she told Smith before the shots rang out.

After the first two shots go off, Smith says, “you got me, you got me,” according to audio and video of the incident released by the accountability office.

The off-duty officer then said, “I told your dumb— I’d kill you,” as she fired the third and final shot.

“Damn baby, I’m sorry,” a wounded Smith replied, adding moments later. “I don’t want to die.”

Afterward, the officer yelled out for someone to call the police as she continued to admonish Smith for attempting to take her gun, the footage showed.

“You thought I was playing, I told you I’d shoot you,” the officer said.