Obama’s DHS secretary Janet Napolitano: U.S. border with Mexico ‘is not a threat to the homeland’


In a remarkable exchange on Monday, Janet Napolitano — President Barack Obama’s first Homeland Security Secretary from 2009-2013 — described the porous Southwest Border with Mexico as just a “zone to be managed.” It is not a national security threat, she testified.

Napolitano urged the Senate Homeland Security Committee “to consider putting an end to discussions on a border wall and to return your worthy attention to more immediate challenges of security our homeland.”

Napolitano, along with two other former DHS secretaries, was speaking at a Senate Homeland Security Committee field hearing in New York City.

In her opening statement, Napolitano listed three areas of concern as cybersecurity, mass casualty shootings, and climate change. “I would like to address a topic that I do not believe is a threat to the Homeland – the U.S. border with Mexico,” she said.

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