Obama: Nobody Understands the Border Crisis Better Than ‘Big-Hearted’ Joe Biden

PJ Media

In an interview with “Good Morning America” on Tuesday, former President Barack Obama commented on the border crisis in Del Rio, Texas. Obama stated that the crisis at the Del Rio border is “heartbreaking” and that the system, overall, “is dysfunctional.” “It’s the reason I proposed comprehensive immigration reform. It’s the reason Joe Biden proposed it during his administration, and it’s something that is long overdue,” Obama stated, according to GMA. The former president went on to say the situation at Del Rio is a reminder that more work needs to be done and that President Biden understands the situation better than anyone. “As big-hearted as he is, nobody understands that better than Joe Biden,” Obama said in his interview. “And the question is now: Are we gonna get serious about dealing with this problem in a systemic way, as opposed to these one-offs where we’re constantly reacting to emergencies? And I think that that’s something that every American should wanna put an end to.” That must have been a difficult statement to make considering that it is hard to believe that Joe Biden understands anything these days. The man cannot even complete a sentence.

Obama really has no leg to stand on when it comes to immigration reform. He had eight years in office and did nothing. Let us not forget that the “kids in cages” narrative— in tweets that have since been deleted—that attempted to blame Donald Trump for putting immigrant children in “cages” at the border was actually an Obama-era policy, as reported by the Associated Press Fact Check.

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