NYT Opinion: ‘Blind Spot’ — Liberals Must Admit Child Poverty Driven by Family Breakdown

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A New York Times opinion writer is calling out liberals, whom he says ignore one specific factor contributing to child poverty.“American liberals have led the campaign to reduce child poverty since Franklin Roosevelt, and it’s a proud legacy. But we have long had a blind spot,” Nicholas Kristof wrote in his article, published on Wednesday.He continued:

We are often reluctant to acknowledge one of the significant drivers of child poverty — the widespread breakdown of family — for fear that to do so would be patronizing or racist. It’s an issue largely for working-class whites, Blacks and Hispanics, albeit most prevalent among African Americans. But just as you can’t have a serious conversation about poverty without discussing race, you also can’t engage unless you consider single-parent households.Kristof gave one example, stating families led by single mothers are five times as likely to find themselves in a life of poverty when compared to families headed by a married couple.In June 2022, the Republican Study Committee (RSC) shared a framework for what it hoped would be a red wave in the U.S. House of Representatives in November of that year, Breitbart News reported at the time.The plan centered around strategies to “restore the American family.”