NYSE Technical Glitch Leads To Stock Halts In Uber, AT&T, Others

A technical issue caused the New York Stock Exchange to halt trading in a swath of stocks on Tuesday morning. 

As a result, many stocks saw their prices decline sharply before trading was halted. The NYSE has not yet commented on the issue.

Stocks affected included Uber Technologies Inc UBER, AT&T Inc. T, Morgan Stanley MS, and 81 other New York Stock Exchange-listed securities.

Traders and investors were left to wonder about the cause of the problem and its potential impact on the markets.

Some traders speculated the issue could be related to problems with the NYSE’s systems or to a cyberattack, but the exchange has not yet confirmed any details about the cause of the issue.

Overall, the technical issue caused a chaotic morning on Wall Street, as traders scrambled to understand what was happening and to adjust their positions accordingly.


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