NYPD’s Shea expresses outrage over ‘horrific’ subway attacks

NY Post

NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shea expressed outrage Tuesday over the soft-on-crime bail reform laws that allowed a disturbed man to allegedly slug a deaf Manhattan straphanger — just days after he was busted in another similar attack. “I mean, that was a horrific attack and what I fear here … is we can’t fall into a place where this is normalized, where that’s accepted behavior,” the top cop said on FOX 5’s “Good Day New York,” two days after 41-year-old Vladimir Pierre allegedly attacked his latest victim. “Any time it happens, it’s terrible — particularly to an innocent woman — that’s just going to work or going to church, [which] in this case I think it was. When you hear that it happened four days before, that’s when my blood gets to boil now.” He echoed his familiar comments about the revolving-door criminal justice system. “When you look at laws that make us release individuals before they even go to a judge, you just shake your head,” the commissioner said. Pierre, a reputed member of Brooklyn’s Newkirk street gang with 27 prior arrests, was just freed last Wednesday — thanks to bail reform laws — after randomly striking 30-year-old Crystal Porter as she waited for the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens shuttle, police sources said. He was free to strike again shortly after 10:30 a.m. Sunday, this time at Union Square — allegedly slugging 59-year-old Xingjuan Zhou, who is deaf, sending her reeling onto the tracks. Good Samaritans came to Zhou’s aid and pulled her off the tracks to safety.

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