‘NYMPHOMANIAC’ – Jeffrey Epstein & Ghislaine Maxwell ‘filmed powerful people having sex with underage girls’

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The U.S. Sun:

EDITOR’S NOTE – Compelling story. But, believeable?

PAEDOPHILE Jeffrey Epstein and his ex-lover Ghislaine Maxwell recorded videos of powerful people having sex with under-age girls, according to a former friend of the pair.

And the reformed jewel thief, who uses the pseudonym William Steel, claims the couple made him watch some to prove how they “owned” people.

In an exclusive interview with The Sun, the ex-criminal turned writer tells how he was shown footage involving two high-profile US politicians having sex with minors and two high society figures having a threesome with an under-age girl.

Steel — who is not being paid for this interview — also branded Maxwell, 58, who was arrested last week in connection with trafficking young girls, a wild “nymphomaniac” who would try “everything and anything in bed”.

He says: “I was forced to watch their videos because they were trying to impress me.

“They wanted to convince me of their power and who they held in their grip.

“They boasted about ‘owning’ powerful people.

“Ghislaine was more into showing me those than Jeff.

“When you’re in a situation like that, you have to pretend to be non- judgmental. But it was shocking.


“I saw videos of very powerful people — celebrities, world figures — in those videos having sex, threesomes, even orgies with minors.”

In 2018, Steel wrote a bombshell memoir called Sex And The Serial Killer — about his relationship with multi-millionaire suspected serial killer Robert Durst.

He says he included some of what he saw at Epstein’s Palm Beach mansion, where Epstein was accused of molesting young girls, but those pages had to be redacted for legal reasons and were never published.

‘Jeff had hand in back of young girl’s shorts’

He now wants to see Maxwell punished for her alleged crimes.

And he pledged to give all his information to the authorities and testify in court.

He says: “I saw videos and photos of people having sex with various young girls and with Jeff.

“There was footage of two very high-profile society figures and an under-age girl together.

“Two high-profile American politicians were also in different videos with minors.

“They showed me black-and-white footage of a woman they told me was internationally known, a well-known rock star and another man having sex.

“It looked like it was taken in the 1960s and without their knowledge.

“They wanted to impress me and intimidate me. They were so powerful because of who they knew worldwide.”

Steel, who stole millions of dollars in art and jewellery across the US, also revealed how Epstein and Maxwell used to buy his stolen goods — even though they were both so wealthy — to give to the girls they were grooming.

He says: “It was mostly tennis bracelets, charm bracelets, women’s Piaget watches.

“I remember pearls were a popular thing.

“None of it was for them. They didn’t need to buy stolen jewellery.

“They didn’t even need to buy stolen jewellery for the girls, but they did.

“They would buy it as gifts for girls they were trying to impress or groom.”

Steel revealed how he first met Epstein, who was found dead last August while awaiting trial for sex trafficking charges, in the mid-1990s at a diamond dealer’s store in Palm Beach, Florida.

He says: “We were in the upstairs room at a very high-end diamond dealer, the kind of place where only a few people are allowed in at a time.

“I was there doing what I do. I was meeting my fence.

“I saw Jeff with a young girl who looked only about 13 or 14 and he had his hand in the back of her shorts.

“That’s what first got my attention.

“She was so young and he was much older. That’s when I knew that he was dirty.

“I had about 200,000 dollars worth of jewellery that I was getting rid of and later I struck up a conversation with him.

“He later said the girl he was with was his niece but I called bulls**t on that, telling him I saw what he was doing with her.

“I met Ghislaine at some point later and we were intimate a few times.

“I wouldn’t say it was a relationship — it was all about what she could use me for to help them.

“Me being a cocky young guy from New York City, seeing their arrogance and their wealth — I just looked at it as an opportunity to milk them for what I could.

“I used to brag about what I was capable of to them.

“When I wanted to impress or scare somebody, I’d get my briefcase out and it would have police scanners in it, gloves, lock picks, guns with silencers.

“I even owned an ultra-thermic torch which would burn a hole into anything in seconds.

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