NYC sex trafficker who preyed on migrants could have hundreds of victims: feds

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Hundreds of women may have fallen prey to an alleged New York sex trafficker — who lured some victims through bogus online ads for waitressing gigs — in a sprawling operation that dates back a decade, federal investigators said Tuesday.

The accused madam, Ysenni Gomez, allegedly targeted newly arrived Spanish-speaking immigrants to ensnare in forced prostitution in Westchester County and the Bronx.

Gomez, 39, was charged in the Southern District of New York earlier this month with sex trafficking by means of force and a related interstate commerce crime in connection to one alleged victim, an undocumented Venezuelan woman, according to a criminal complaint against her. 

Authorities are seeking other potential victims — with the FBI saying Tuesday that “hundreds” of women of unknown ages may have been trafficked by the alleged ringleader.

“We believe there are likely many more victims,” FBI Supervisory Special Agent Brendan Kenney told The Post, adding, “This operation could have been going on for as many as 10 years.”

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