NYC Jewish man kicked in face by anti-Israel mob, he tells ‘Post’


Matt Greenman was assaulted at a New York City anti-Israel rally that he was counter-protesting last Wednesday, he claimed to The Jerusalem Post.

“I was walking with my Israeli flag on my back as a cape in front of the protesters at a Palestine protest in NYC on April 20th, 2022,” Greenman related to the Post. He was reportedly counter-protesting the event alone, walking with crutches due to a sprained foot. “I turned around, and this guy made eye contact with me. He looked extremely angry in his eyes, at a level that I knew that this guy could do something.”

Greenman said that he was followed, and the man threatened him that  “when we’re somewhere more private I’ve got something for you”. 

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A short time later, the man and an accompanying group allegedly attacked Greenman. They threw him to the ground and proceeded to punch and kick him in the face while he lay there. 

“That’s what you get for being a terrorist,” He said he was told as the mob left.


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