America soars past 100,000 while NYC fights ‘catastrophe’: One New Yorker dies every 17 minutes & 911 calls hit historic highs amid fears hospitals could collapse in nine days

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Daily Mail:

  • The situation is New York City grew dire on Saturday morning as deaths hit 450 and cases topped 26,000
  • Hospitals warn a ‘catastrophe’ is looming as healthcare resources are stretched to the max 
  • Doctors say the crush of critical patients and fatalities is like ‘Biblical hell’ and ‘a war zone’ 
  • On Thursday and Friday, a New Yorker died on average every 17 minutes due to coronavirus
  • City set a record for 911 EMS calls of 6,500 calls in 24 hours, more than ever recorded 
  • Sirens echoed across the city as ambulance crews raced from one call to the next 
  • Mayor Bill de Blasio warns that the city’s healthcare system could collapse in just nine days  

The number of coronavirus cases in the United States has soared past 100,000 cases, and the situation in New York City has become increasingly dire as cases continue to explode, with the healthcare system threatened with imminent collapse. 

Across the city, sirens wailed late into the night Friday as ambulance crews raced through empty streets from one call to the next. Medical emergency calls were up 40 percent to about 6,500 a day, shattering historical records and leading to up to 170 callers being put on hold at a time, according to EMS union officials.

FDNY officials are strongly urging New Yorkers to call 911 only if they are having urgent emergencies, such as heart troubles or problems breathing. ‘Please allow first responders to assist those most in need. Only call 911 if you need help right away,’ the department said in a statement.

On both Thursday and Friday, another 85 people died of the virus here, or an average of one New Yorker every 17 minutes. The city’s death toll is now 450, and there are 26,697 confirmed cases. 

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