NY Times Called Out for Refusing to Show Photo of Black Murder Suspect

The New York Times was put on blast this week for publishing an article about a suspected serial killer in California, while at the same time refusing to show a picture of the suspect who turned out to be black.

The curious omission was observed by journalist Steve Sailer who commented on Twitter the NYT had not published a photo of 43-year-old murder suspect Wesley Brownlee in their article on the subject, titled, “Suspect in California Serial Killings Is Charged With 4 More,” due to his race.

“As this example from an article about alleged serial killer Wesley Brownlee shows, the New York Times will run any boring and inane photo rather than a picture of the accused if he is black,” Sailer tweeted.

The NYT article referenced contains two photos, neither of which show Brownlee. The article also makes no indication of his race.

“In contrast,” Sailer noted, “the Daily Mail illustrates ‘Stockton “serial killer” is hit with FOUR more murder charges – months after he was arrested “while hunting for latest victim in his summertime reign of terror” where “he gunned down at least seven people”‘ with a big photo of Brownlee.”

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