NY Dems propose taxpayers fund abortions for migrants, out-of-staters  

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NY Post

As the U.S. Supreme Court appears ready to strike down Roe v. Wade, New York Democrats want taxpayers to fund abortions for out-of-state women – including illegal migrants – through a proposed state program costing tens of millions of dollars per year. “That’s the goal of this bill – to ensure that everyone can get the care that they need no matter their [immigration] status or their socio-economic conditions, insurance status, all that,” Assemblywoman Jessica González-Rojas (D-Queens), told The Post Monday about the legislation she is sponsoring with state Sen. Cordell Cleare (D-Harlem), The envisioned Reproductive Freedom and Equity Program would cover medical costs and traveling expenses as well as “childcare, lodging, lost wages and more” through nonprofits who would receive public money through the annual budget process, according to the legislative language. People living in New York, as well as out-of-state residents, would be eligible for the program.

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