NY City Council candidate blames ‘intergenerational trauma’ for daylight execution

The New York Post:

The woman who admitted to gunning down her ex-girlfriend execution-style in Park Slope this week should be treated as a “victim” of “intergenerational trauma” who deserves “compassion,” a candidate for New York’s City Council has suggested.

Brandon West, the candidate for District 39 (Park Slope-Gowanus) — endorsed by the Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez-backed Democratic Socialists of America — railed about Wednesday’s broad-daylight shooting that left Nichelle Thomas, 51, dead.

But he blamed the cold-blooded killing not on the brazen shooter but on a system that failed suspect Latisha Bell, who admitted to the slaying after surrendering to police.

“People grow up in hostile and toxic environments, experience abuse and poverty and receive minimal help or education from professionals and the government,” West wrote in a series of tweets on Thursday. “This can lead to them having undiagnosed, unsupported mental and material issues that end up perpetuating violence.”

He continued that acknowledging mental health issues “earlier” — and not boosting police presence — was the right way to combat “person-to-person violence.”

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