Nursing home administrator was ‘petrified’ by Cuomo’s order to take in COVID-19 patients

Nursing home executives were “petrified” by Gov. Cuomo’s order a year ago to send elderly patients into long-term care facilities instead of hospitals during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new interview.

Michael Kraus, a nursing home administrator on Staten Island, said his concerns were “shot down” by state officials.

“Many facilities vocalized it,” Kraus said in a Fox News interview set to air in full on Thursday. “They were petrified, but they were more petrified of the Department of Health … once it [my concern] was shot down, I never spoke [about it] again.”

The Cuomo administration is facing a federal investigation for botching the response to the health crisis in nursing homes — and then covering up the true death toll.

Last month, the state Department of Health admitted that more than 15,000 nursing home and long-term care residents died of COVID-10 in the state — nearly twice the roughly 8,700 deaths state officials initially claimed.

Last month, The Post exclusively reported that one of Cuomo’s top aides, Melissa DeRosa, told Democratic leaders in a video conference call that “we froze” out of fear that the true numbers would “be used against us” by federal prosecutors.

Top Cuomo advisors also successfully pushed state officials to omit nursing home residents who died in hospitals from COVID-19 from the death toll — skewing the overall total.

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