Nuns Attend Trump Rally, Get Attacked

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Red State:

Trump Derangement Syndrome seems to have driven many around the bend.

Or maybe it’s just that it exposed the folks that were always off.

President Donald Trump was at a rally in Ohio on Saturday. One of the things that was particularly striking was that right behind him were three nuns in MAGA masks, with rosaries who were intermittently praying and really getting into the event.

Now, it’s not hard to see why nuns might be supportive of Trump, an incredibly pro-life president, along with a lot of the other things he’s done.

But what was the reaction of some on the left and Never Trump resisters?

They immediately started attacking the nuns for being there. Some even suggested they weren’t really nuns. Others suggested that it was somehow illegal for them to be there and that the tax exemption of their order or the Catholic Church should be pulled.

But one person had a particularly vile reaction to the nuns being there.

Peter Vroom is a Never Trumper resister who apparently used to be a Republican congressional staffer but now describes himself as a “former Republican.” He found the nuns being there “bizarre and disgusting” and then went about trying to dox them.

He named their order and their location, which is basically the same as posting their address, and then even posted pictures they had on social media.

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