NTSB preliminary report says Learjet 45 that overshot runway exceeded approach threshold

The NTSB has released a preliminary report on the Nov. 29 crash involving a Learjet 45 at Batesville Regional Airport (BVX) in Arkansas. The plane overshot the runway while landing and went through an airport fence, stopping 15 feet short of a state highway.

Two pilots sustained minor injuries and the passengers were not injured. The NTSB said a review of the ADS-B data showed the plane departing Waterloo Regional Airport (ALO) in Iowa on an IFR flight plan. The plane climbed to a cruise at flight level 410.

Upon arrival, the air traffic controller cleared the Learjet for the RNAV Runway 8 approach and the crew inside canceled the IFR once they had a visual of the runway. As the plane approached the runway for landing it was at an approach fix of 265 knots ADS-B groundspeed and the Runway 8 threshold is only 190 knots ADS-B groundspeed

According to the NTSB, the plane landed nearly 2,000 feet past the threshold of the 6,022 runway. The ground was wet from precipitation. The tire marks from the plane were consistent with intermittent braking, which started about 3,021 ft from the end of the driveway.

The plane left the runway at 100 knots ADS-B grounded. The plane moved forward until it hit a ditch and then went through the airport perimeter fence. The fuselage was damaged when the plane went through the fence.

The plane was found to have a normal flight control continuity and spoilers were found in the deployed position. The NTSB said the cockpit flap handle was at the 20 ° position, which matched the position of the left and right flap surfaces. The NTSB did not travel to the scene to investigate but the plane was retained for further examination.


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