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Thousands demonstrate against Covid-19 restrictions in Switzerland. Thousands of people have protested in the north-western Swiss town of Liestal against restrictions introduced to curb the Covid-19 pandemic.

Nearly 8,000 took part in the silent protest, according to journalists’ estimates. They had received police permission to gather, but many did not wear masks, flouting government rules. Many wore white suits.

Police did not intervene against those not wearing masks. A police spokesman said they preferred that the demonstration remain peaceful.

Some held up signs reading “Enough is enough”, “Vaccines kill” and “Let love be your guide, not fear”. The protest included speeches by coronavirus and vaccine sceptics.

This comes one day after the Swiss government backtracked on plans to ease Covid-19 restrictions, citing a rise in the number of cases and slower than expected vaccination rollout.

Bern protest blocked

Meanwhile, a heavy police deployment managed to prevent another planned demonstration – unauthorised — against Covid-19 restrictions in the federal capital Bern.

A citizens’ group had called for the demonstration under the slogan “together for our freedom” on social media and flyers in Bern letterboxes.

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