Notre Dame Cathedral to Become a Woke Disneyland ‘Theme Park’, According to Leaked Renovation Plans


Notre Dame Cathedral is reportedly set to be transformed a woke Disneyland-style “theme park”, according to leaked renovation plans.

The Notre Dame Cathedral, one of the most iconic buildings in France, lost both its roof and spire during the 2019 blaze in which it was almost entirely destroyed.

While it has been decided that the exterior of the cathedral will be rebuilt with traditional materials, questions have now been raised regarding the fate of the building’s interior.

According to renovation plans divulged to The Telegraph, the cathedral may have its interior become a politically correct “theme park”, with parts of the building’s interior that were left mostly untouched by the fire set to change dramatically.

Confessional boxes, altars, and classical statues are to be replaced with modern art murals, while light and sound effects will be added to the building in order to create so-called “emotional spaces”.

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