Notorious Walgreens Bike Theft Suspect Arrested Yet Again, at Stomping Grounds He’s Hit Before

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The bicycle-and-trash-bag scofflaw who gained viral fame in a Twitter video last year robbing a San Francisco Walgreens was arrested again last week over two incidents at the Haight Street CVS, and you can probably take a wild guess what he’s accused of doing again.

It was June 14, 2021 when KGO reporter Lyanne Melendez hit a journalistic ”right place at the right time” jackpot. She captured a stunning video of a shoplifter brazenly riding into a Walgreens on a bicycle and flat-out emptying the shelves and tossing gobs of stolen merchandise into a trash bag. The tweet below made international headlines, in no small part because of a call-out of then-District Attorney Chesa Boudin, and the accompanying hashtag #NoConsequences.

But funny, when the exact same guy commits the exact same crime 13 months later, this time under a newly installed district attorney, the exact same reporter does not put the DA on blast nor complain of hashtag-no-consequences.