Nothing says ‘I fight for the little guy’ like charging $65 for a sweatshirt


Democratic Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez launched a new set of merchandise on her campaign website on Wednesday. The set included three T-shirts and one navy blue sweatshirt with the slogan “Tax the Rich” written across the chest in bold white letters.

With a hefty price tag, many took to Twitter to ridicule the Democratic representative. The sweatshirt was originally listed at $65 but has since been discounted.

“At $58.00 for a sweatshirt, you’re not taxing the rich, you’re overcharging the stupid,” said Darryl K in a December 2 tweet replying to Ocasio-Cortez.

“The ‘Tax the Rich’ sweatshirt cost 58 dollars. Holy S***,” said Twitter User CJW.

“Nothing says ‘I fight for the little guy’ like charging $65 for a sweatshirt,” wrote Daniel Tobin.

n 2019, Ocasio-Cortez proposed a tax increase for multimillionaires in order to pay for the progressive environmental plan the Green New Deal, which was criticized by conservatives for costing nearly $93 trillion.

The representative noted that countries, like Sweden, already had a 70 percent tax on those with an income above $10 million.

The slogan “tax the rich” comes from progressive Democrats’ proposal to increase taxes on top earners in the country to pay for social programs.

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