Nostradamus predictions for 2023: An antichrist arrives, World War III and the monarchy dies

As the year comes to a close, it’s time to talk doomsday forecasts, my babies, and no one grips us with grim quite like Nostradamus.

Nostradamus, Nos if you’re nasty, was a 16th-century astrologer, plague doctor, accused heretic and bearded seer that has been credited with foretelling the Great Fire of London, Hitler’s rise to power, the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks and the COVID-19 pandemic, to name a few.

Sometimes on the money but more often than not muddily missing the mark, our man’s prophecies lean towards conflagration and catastrophe.

Referred to as the “prophet of doom,” Nostradamus’ bleak world view is believed to have been shaped by heavy doses of the Old Testament and the trauma of losing his wife and young children to illness, presumably the plague. Unable to cure the ones he loved most, it seems he set out to forewarn the rest of us through his revelations of ruin.

With the publication of his famed book “Les Prophéties” in 1555, Nostradamus gifted the world and its future generations a quasi-poetic tome that predicts wars, pestilence, natural disasters, civil unrest, political assassinations and other such sunny stuffs. Heavy on language like “blood rain,” the book is an enduring classic, and with 2K23 on the horizon, we’re taking a look at what fury and hellfire lay in store. But first, a look back.

Nostradamus’ predictions for last year included the rise of AI, the conquering power of cryptocurrency and a surge in cannibalism as a response to inflation. How’d he do? While bitcoin has gone bust, inflation remains at an all-time high and not for nothing, “Dahmer — Monster,” Netflix’s controversial ode to the famous flesh-eater, became the second-most watched show in the network’s history.

With a bone toothpick in hand and a weary eye on the year ahead, read on for our overview of Nostradamus’ predictions for 2023.


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