Nolte: ‘Mass Suicide… of the Elderly’ Is Being Proposed and Accepted

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Yusuke Narita, a 37-year-old economics professor at Yale, says the solution for Japan’s population problem is “mass suicide and mass ‘seppuku” of the elderly.

He has also said of euthanasia that the “possibility of making it mandatory in the future [will] come up in discussion.”

Japan’s population problem is what Breitbart’s John Hayward described as a “demographic death spiral:”

[Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio]  noted on Monday that births in Japan fell below 800,000 in 2022, reaching that landmark of decline fully eight years ahead of projections. As with other wealthy nations, this will result in a shortage of workers, and a shortage of young taxpayers to cover the cost of retirement and medical care for the elderly.

“Our nation is on the cusp of whether it can maintain its societal functions. It is now or never when it comes to policies regarding births and child-rearing – it is an issue that simply cannot wait any longer,” Kishida said.