Nolte: Jake Tapper’s CNN Primetime Debut Bombs Despite Biden Interview  


CNN moved Jake Tapper to primetime, and his debut flopped, even though that debut included an exclusive interview with his Fraudulency Joe Biden. Even with the president, Tapper landed in far last place. He couldn’t even top a million viewers, lol.

On that same night and at that same time, the Fox News Channel’s Sean Hannity grabbed 2.63 million viewers. Alex Wagner’s troubled MSNBC show earned 1.59 million viewers. With only 854,000 tuning in, Tapper barely earned a third of Hannity’s viewers and half of Wagner’s. “A CNN source also told The Post that Tapper’s debut registered a 10% increase in the 25-54 demo and a 12% boost in total viewers compared to the previous four weeks.” Yeah, okay, but that’s with the president as his guest.

Then this happened…

On Wednesday, Tapper collapsed to just 737,000 viewers, even losing to his lead-ins — Erin Burnett and Anderson Cooper, who drew 839,000 and 836,000, respectively. So there goes that ten percent! How is it even possible to interview the president of the United States and lose your time slot?

Well, I can answer that.

When Jake Tapper interviews a Democrat, most especially a failed Democrat president, in the weeks just before a crucial national election, you can be sure of one thing… Jake Tapper will ensure no news will be made.

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