Nolte: How Many Strikes Before Fox News Is Out, Y’all…?  

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The serial lying Fox News is not only the number one cable news outlet in America; it is frequently the number one overall cable channel in America. Why is this allowed to happen? Why would anyone trust Fox News more than CNNLOL or MSNBC? If anything, Fox News is worse than CNN and MSNBC. MSNBC is open about its fascist agenda, and the only lie CNN hides behind is the old trope about being objective. Fox News has been lying, hoaxing, and hoodwinking millions of good people for more than two decades with its fair and balanced; we’re not like those other guys lie. Fox News goes beyond lying about being objective and straight into an even more shameless lie about how they are on our side, our pals, our buddies. We get it, America! We know how evil the corporate media are. We’re different. Watch us! How many strikes does the Paul Ryan Network get before the millions of people Fox News takes for granted and regularly trolls call out and shame and discard Fox News? Don’t you understand that Fox News views its audience as suckers and rubes? Don’t you understand that Fox News gets off sexually on trolling and deceiving these suckers and rubes? And do you want to know what really gets Fox News off? It’s that even after years and years of abusing, trolling, and misleading the suckers and rubes, the suckers and rubes keep tuning in by the millions.

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