Nolte: Fauxcahontas Elizabeth Warren Blames Grocery Stores for Price Explosion

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) is blaming grocery stores for the explosion in food prices.

This week, Warren sent a letter to the heads of Kroger, Albertson’s, and Publix — a letter she shared “exclusively” with her left-wing allies at NBC News — accusing the grocery chains of price gouging.

“Your company, and the other major grocers who reaped the benefits of a turbulent 2020, appear to be passing costs on to consumers to preserve your pandemic gains and even taking advantage of inflation to add greater burdens,” Lieawatha wrote.

“Your companies had a choice: They could have retained lower prices for consumers and properly protected and compensated their workers,” she added, “or granted massive payouts to top executives and investors.”

“It is disappointing that you chose not to put your customers and workers first.”

This is pure demagoguery and a shameless attempt to blame-shift away from the serial failures of His Fraudulency Joe Biden.

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