Government to Launch Crackdown on Secret Chinese ‘Police Stations’ in Britain

The UK government has launched investigations into secret Chinese “police stations” operating in Britain, with one minister saying that illegal operations “will not be tolerated”.

Reports that there are secret Chinese “police stations” operating in a number of UK cities appear to have now provoked the wrath of the British government, which is now reportedly investigating the activities of the CCP foreign outposts.

It comes as other European nations take action against such secret Chinese police offices that are said to be operating in their jurisdiction, with activists having warned that such CCP law enforcement branches are being used to harass and control Chinese dissidents.

Speaking in parliament on Tuesday, the UK’s security minister, Tom Tugendhat, said that he had been assured by UK police that an investigation into three Chinese police offices allegedly operating out of Croydon, Hendon and Glasgow, saying that evidence of any illegal activity will be taken seriously.

“I have discussed this matter with the police and I am assured that they are investigating allegations of unlawful activity,” the Tory minister told the House of Commons.


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