Nolte: Bernie the Elitist-Socialist and His Rock Star Travel Demands

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The thing to remember about socialists is that with them it is not about equality. Rather, it’s about power. In other words, they’re in power while you and I are all equally miserable and impoverished and living in crowded urban density to protect Mother Earth.

Meanwhile, fascists like Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) live in luxury and wealth.

Already, according to this Fox News report and a new book, Uncle Bernie is a perfect example of this galling hypocrisy. His travel demands rival what we’ve seen from the most spoiled and entitled rock stars.

My favorite is Bernie’s demand that hotel rooms be kept at 60 degrees:

“The temperature in the room had to be kept at 60, even if that required having a staffer sit in the room with an open window in the winter to make sure it cooled enough or calling management in to override the system,” he continued. “There was no bending the rules: once on a stop in California, annoyed that his aides couldn’t get the temperature below 65, he had them call the woman from the front desk up to change the thermostat while he sat on the bed, watching. She couldn’t get it to work, and nervously humiliated, she apologized. Sanders didn’t care. ‘So, Chloe,’ he said, annoyed. ‘You don’t want me to sleep tonight?’

Opening windows is a big no-no if we’re going to protect Mother Earth. The air must be recycled, the building sealed. How often was planet-killing air conditioning blasted to achieve Bernie’s precious 60 degrees?

Here are some more:

  • King Bernie apparently wants all “pamphlets and other promotional materials” removed from the hotel room.
  • King Bernie wants a king-sized bed.
  • King Bernie wants a bathtub.
  • King Bernie demands a “down comforter or another blanket in the closet.”
  • King Bernie demands this additional blanket be a specific color (dark blue) and made of cotton.
  • King Bernie will not stay in a room near and elevator or ice machine.
  • King Bernie is spooked by upgrades. If given an unexpected room, he’ll make an aide stay in it, joking, “If there’s a bomb in there, it’s yours tonight.”
  • King Bernie prefers suites, as opposed to a normal hotel room.
  • King Bernie prefers private jets.
  • King Bernie prefers private jets that aren’t too cramped.
  • King Bernie prefers private jets that aren’t too bumpy.
  • King Bernie really likes that he can be as late as he wants for a private jet.

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