Nolte: Alec Baldwin Makes ‘Rust’ Shooting All About Alec Baldwin … and Trump

Alec Baldwin appeared on far-left CNN this week and once again made the shooting death of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins all about Alec Baldwin. Oh, and Orange Hitler.

Baldwin is on defense again after the FBI released a forensic report that said the gun used to kill Hutchins could not be fired without pulling the trigger.

Well, duh. Guns don’t fire themselves.

Baldwin, however, continues to claim he did not pull the trigger.

“I never once said — never — that the gun went off in my hand automatically,” Baldwin told CNNLOL. “I always said I pulled the hammer back, and I pulled it back as far as I could. I never took a gun and pointed it at someone and clicked the thing.”

You can see what he’s doing here. He’s gilding the lily. In previous interviews, he didn’t qualify his answer with, “I never took a gun and pointed it at someone and clicked the thing.” Well, no one ever said he did. And he’s saying that as though that’s the only way to pull the trigger. This leaves us with this assumption…

If you believe the FBI forensics report and Baldwin when he says he pulled the hammer back as far as he could — which would be all the way back — and that the gun fired after he released the hammer, you know he pulled the trigger. Of course, he did. No, he didn’t whip out the gun, point it at poor Hutchins, and pull the trigger. But he had to have pulled the trigger and kept it depressed for the gun to fire after he released the hammer.


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