Noam Chomsky DEFENDS asking Jeffrey Epstein for financial advice as it emerges pedophile moved $270,000 between his accounts

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World-renowned academic Noam Chomsky has defended asking Jeffrey Epstein for financial advice even after the disgraced financier became a convicted pedophile in 2008.

The linguistics professor, 94, confirmed that he received about $270,000 from an account linked to Epstein in March, 2018, but claimed the transfer involved his own funds connected to his late wife.

He told that both the money transfer and his relationship with Epstein following his conviction were ‘completely public for many years.’

When asked why he would choose to continue to associate with a convicted pedophile, the progressive activist said, ‘Many had further contacts with him, including my wife and me.’

‘Epstein regularly attended research seminars at Harvard,’ he added. ‘No one ever discussed the matter because there was nothing to discuss.