NJ police chief seen lying in the street with pants down during drunken driving arrest  

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NY Post

A New Jersey police chief charged with drunken driving last month could be seen lying in the street next to his pickup truck with his pants down — and responding officers mocked him until they realized who he was, a report said. Bordentown Township Police Chief Brian Pesce was found on the floor in nearby Hamilton after a 911 caller reported following a “drunk” driver “weaving all over the place” and nearly hitting a mailbox, according to documents first obtained by NJ.com. “He’s gonna kill somebody,” the caller warned of the pickup driver. She called back to say that the truck had stopped and the driver was “on the ground in the middle of the road … He’s so obliviated,” the report said. The 23-year police veteran was then seen in bodycam footage sprawled out on the ground behind the truck late on April 22. “Keys in the middle of the road; cellphone in the middle of the road,” one of the responding officers says with a hearty chuckle. Noticing a wet patch on the ground, the same officer suggests with clear disgust that he “p—ed on his tire and then took a spill,” the footage shows. The police chief claimed he was 35 — even though he is 46 — and then mumbles, “What’s the problem?” “You’re sleeping in the middle of the road,” one replies, while the other says, “Your pants are down.” When one cop asks if he is diabetic, Pesce says “Not at all” — with the officer replying, “Probably the wrong answer.”

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