NJ Gun Bill Includes Mandatory ‘Re-Education’ and Forced Labor with Anti-Gun Groups

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NJ Senate Bill 3757 is scheduled to be heard in the Senate Law and Public Safety Committee on Thursday, December 09, 2021, at 1:00 PM. This so-called gun “safe storage” bill eviscerates the Constitutional Right to self-defense inside the home as explicitly recognized as by the U.S. Supreme Court in the Heller case.

The proposed law would require all legal owners of a firearm to:

  1. store or secure a firearm that is not in use at a premises under the owner’s control, unloaded, in a gun safe or securely locked box or container; and
  2. store ammunition, separately, in a securely locked box or container.

The law does NOT apply to unlawful owners of firearms, specifically prohibited persons, including but not limited to, convicted felons, terrorists, drug dealers, domestic abusers, or those committed for a mental disorder.

All firearms “not in use” must be secured in a gun safe, securely locked box or container. The phrase “not in use” is not defined. Unless you are actually shooting a gun, it would arguably not be “in use.” It might potentially be of use at some time in the future, but until you are using it, it’s not “in use” so it has to stay locked up.

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All ammunition must be permanently stored in a separate securely locked box or container. There is no “use” exception for ammunition!

So, in an emergency, you will need to:

  • (1) get to your safe or lockbox,
  • (2) unlock it,
  • (3) retrieve your firearm,
  • (4) get to your other separate lockbox,
  • (5) retrieve your ammunition (apparently unlawfully),
  • (6) load your magazine or cylinder.
  • (7) insert your magazine and rack your slide or close the cylinder, and then
  • (8) only you may use your firearm to defend yourself and your family if you are still even alive.

There is no exception for gun shops, gun dealers, gunsmiths, or target ranges to display unloaded firearms. A dealer’s entire inventory must be kept “…unloaded, in a gun safe or securely locked box or container.” No more displays of guns to rent or buy. Additionally, how can ammunition even be purchased, when it too has to stay locked up at all times?

Every gun and every round of ammunition at every dealer or range whether for sale or rent must be in a locked container.


There is no exception for law enforcement officers, military personnel, security guards, or even those with permits to carry. As soon as any lawful owner is on their “premises”, they are prohibited from having a loaded gun.



Mandatory Re-Education & Forced Labor for Anti-Gun Groups

The proposed law fails to state what type of offense will be charged for a first-time violator. A second-time violator is a disorderly person’s offense. However, the sentence for a first-time violator is mandatory re-education via so-called community service to be served at an anti-gun organization of the Attorney General’s approval. Here is the penalty section for the first-time violator:

…for a first offense, shall be sentenced to a period of community service of not less than 10 hours nor more than 40 hours with an entity with knowledge and experience in the prevention of gun violence approved by the Attorney General… (Emphasis added)

An “approved enity” is defined as follows:

An approved entity shall offer community service that:

(1) incorporates gun violence prevention education; and

(2) effectuates behavioral change to meet the goals of gun violence prevention.

An approved entity may provide:

(1) online instruction related to gun violence prevention;

(2) gun violence prevention films; and

(3) gun violence prevention interventional activities as part of a New Jersey hospital-based gun violence intervention program.

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