NHL Commits to Increasing ‘Diversity,’ Reduce Share of White Players, Employees

The NHL released a “diversity & inclusion” report on Monday declaring its commitment to implement hiring practices related to “racial demographics,” “gender identity,” and “sexual orientation.”

“We are working to better understand and accelerate our engagement across all layers of diversity – including nationality, race, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, and religion – and their nuances and intersections,” NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman wrote in the report’s introduction.

Bettman framed “the murder of George Floyd” as an impetus for “re-ignited movements for social justice” which in turn led the NHL to “new ways of thinking and new internal competencies.”

All NHL office employees will be subjected to a two-day “learning experience” regarding “the dynamics of bias, privilege, and power,” according to the report. Players and locker room staff will also receive an “educational experience” built upon “diversity” and “inclusion.”

According to the report’s executive summary, “Structures and cultures must shift to create an inclusive environment for all.”

The report repeatedly deploys leftist neologistic terminology and acronyms, including “LGBTQ+,” and “Black, Indigenous, and People of Color/BIPOC,” “allyship,” and “pansexual.” It also uses the left-wing stylistic approach of capitalizing “black,” but not “white.”


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