Newspaper’s Top Editor Is Now a ‘Homeless’ Blogger

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On Wednesday he was laid off. On Friday he was living in a Motel 6. Rich Jackson, a 54-year-old journalist who worked as the top editor of The Herald-Times, a Gannett-owned newspaper in Bloomington, Ind., received the bad news in the parking lot next to the paper’s headquarters. He was also told he would have to vacate the apartment in the same building, where he had been living for 10 months. Unable to go the newsroom, Mr. Jackson started a blog. He called it The Homeless Editor. “In terms of writing, I always look for key words, and you couldn’t have better than those two,” he said in a phone interview. His first four posts have gotten 20,000 page views — high figures for a solitary blog. They describe how, as he put it in one entry, “I went from someone to no one in 30 minutes.” The apartment where he had been living was once reserved for the owner of The Herald-Times. If you stand facing the newspaper building from Walnut Street, you’ll see the entrance to apartment is on the right and the entrance to the newsroom is on the left.


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