Newly arrived immigrants causing chaos at regional airports

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Thousands of migrants are still surging over the southern border but once allowed into the US, most still have to move on — causing confusion and overcrowding at regional airports.

Most of the migrants who arrive in the US have a sponsor, family or friends who they need to reach.

While Texas gov. Greg Abbott has bused 18,000 asylum seekers to sanctuary cities including Washington D.C., New York and Philadelphia, many more are able to afford to fly.

Regional airports such as Valley International Airport in Harlingen, Texas said migrants have been staying on site for days while waiting for flights, while a homelessness center inside O’Hare Airport has been inundated with migrants flown in from border states.

Thousands of migrants have reportedly passed through the airport in Jacksonville, Florida, while those arriving at Logan Airport Massachusetts are going on to “overwhelm state resources,” according to a local report.