New Yorkers Charged $5 Million Every Day to House, Feed, Care for Migrants

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New Yorkers are being charged millions every day to house, feed, and care for newly arrived border crossers bused from Texas.

Since the spring of last year, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) and other governors have bused nearly 50,000 migrants to New York City — a sanctuary jurisdiction that has long prided itself on shielding illegal aliens from arrest and deportation.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ office confirmed that New Yorkers are being charged close to $5 million every day to provide housing and food for the roughly 30,000 migrants who remain in the city’s care.

New York City Emergency Management Commissioner Zach Iscol told the media that the costs of illegal immigration to New Yorkers will eventually come to a head.

“This is not sustainable,” Iscol said.

Already, New Yorkers have been forced to spend some $650 million on newly arrived border crossers and the total figure is expected to exceed $4 billion by next year. Much of that cost is being spent on migrants whom Adams has placed in multiple luxury hotels, for free, which is transferring millions from local taxpayers to wealthy landlords.