NY Times Election Eve Op-Ed Likens Trump to Hitler


The Democrats and their mainstream media (MSM) mouthpieces sure seem a little skittish on what is supposed to be Blue Wave Election Eve. Vox.com’s Ezra Klein has been babbling about this all day:

House popular vote? That’s no more real than “the Klingon turnout in Mendocino county.”

I am not saying that I have any firm predictions for tomorrow night, I am just saying that there seems to be desperate flop-sweat over in MSM Land this evening. Here is what The New York Times opinion page is offering the night before the election:

The substance of the op-ed is almost irrelevant here. The Times knows that most won’t read it. All they wanted to do was get the Trump/Hitler comparison out in front of the 675 thousand followers its opinion page’s Twitter account has. I will save you the time and tell you that the writer of the piece never really does explain just how President Trump is going to make America like the Lithuania her family escaped. It is, after all, a given among liberals who never interact with people who don’t think like them that everyone who doesn’t is a racist Nazi science-denier.

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