New York middle-school teacher tells students Nintendo character Mario is gay while Yoshi is Trans

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A middle-school teacher told her students Nintendo characters have different sexual and gender identities as she claimed Mario is gay while Princess Peach is a ‘massive lesbian.’

Remy Elliott, who is employed by the New York City Department of Education, made the comments in a presentation to students during a Gay Straight Alliance after-school club meeting.

In a video uploaded to her TikTok account, she reshared the powerpoint, alleging Princess Daisy is ‘hella bisexual, polyamorous’ while Luigi is a ‘demisexual dude.’

Elliott, who has over 81,000 followers and identifies as bisexual, has since deleted the videos and made her profile private.

She is certified under the name Jeremy William Elliott and currently teaches 9th grade at the DOE though previously taught younger grades, Fox News reports.