New York Democrats Eye Organ Transplants for Illegal Aliens as Americans Die on Wait List

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Democrat state legislators in New York are reviewing legislation that would have sought-after kidney transplants rewarded to illegal aliens ahead of thousands of Americans who are waiting for such donations.

According to the New York Times, Democrat legislators in New York are considering the plan to open organ transplants, specifically kidney transplants, to illegal aliens. Such transplants are typically reserved for Americans with Social Security Numbers (SSNs).

The Times reports:

One bill under consideration in the State Legislature would add kidney transplants — the most frequently performed organ transplants — to the limited menu of emergency medical services provided to undocumented immigrants without insurance. [Emphasis added]

Undocumented immigrants are not explicitly blocked from receiving transplants. But they face major impediments because they lack Social Security numbers and often don’t have health insurance. City agencies estimate that 46 percent of 476,000 undocumented immigrants in New York City lack health insurance. [Emphasis added]

That plan would come as 8,500 Americans in New York state are waiting for organ transplants — the majority of which, more than 7,200, are hoping for a new kidney.

Already, many Americans die before receiving long-awaited organ transplants.

“In 2021, 820 individuals, including several under the age of 18, were removed from transplant waiting lists because they became too ill to undergo a transplant procedure or they passed away before an organ became available,” New York state officials detailed in a report.