‘STEP RIGHT UP…YOU CAN BE SAVED FOR 30 PIECES OF SILVER’ – Televangelist Jim Bakker ordered to stop selling ‘Silver Solution’ coronavirus treatment

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Fox News:

New York AG orders televangelist Jim Bakker to stop advertising ‘Silver Solution’ as coronavirus treatment

As New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo declares a state of emergency amid a spike in coronavirus cases, the state’s attorney general, Letitia James, is going after a Chrisitan televangelist for “false advertising.”

A guest of The Jim Bakker Show on Feb. 12, Sherrill Sellman, was asked if the “Silver Solution,” sold for $125 on his website, would be effective against the coronavirus.

“Let’s say it hasn’t been tested on this strain of the coronavirus,” Sellman, a naturopathic doctor, is quoted as saying, “but it’s been tested on other trains of the coronavirus and has been able to eliminate it within 12 hours.”

Lisa Landau sent a “cease and desist” letter to Bakker, who has previously served jail time for federal fraud and conspiracy charges in the 90s, on March 3 giving him 10 business days to comply or possibly face a fine of $5,000 per violation.

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