New video appears to show Lauren Boebert vaping at ‘Beetlejuice’ — after she blamed ‘heavy fog machines’

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New video appears to vaporize Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert’s claim that “heavy fog machines” were to blame for the smoke that got her booted from a performance of “Beetlejuice” — with the footage seemingly showing her taking a hit from a vape pen.

The Colorado GOP congresswoman was seen letting loose at the Sunday night show in Denver’s Buell Theater — with her Democrat date even appearing to fondle her breast, according to 9News, which obtained the footage.

Tellingly, it appears to also clearly show her bringing an electronic cigarette to her lips and blowing out a plume of smoke, despite her denials that she was vaping.

It also shows her being confronted by a pregnant woman sitting behind her, one who has since said she asked the firebrand politician to stop vaping — just to be called a “sad and miserable person.”

Boebert was also seen taking flash photos with her phone and being alone in raising her arms to dance.