New Koch-Soros foreign policy think tank headed by Iran deal advocates

The Washington Examiner:

D.C.’s newest foreign policy think tank, funded by libertarian Charles Koch and left-wing George Soros, was co-founded by a nonprofit leader who was integral to the passage of the controversial Iran nuclear deal.

Trita Parsi and the group’s other four co-founders, Andrew Bacevich, Stephen Wertheim, Eli Clifton, and Suzanne DiMaggio, are all pro-Iran deal advocates, as well as harsh critics of U.S. foreign policy and of Israel.

Parsi, the founder of the National Iranian American Council and an adjunct professor at Georgetown University, was a prominent and instrumental go-between for the governments of Iran and the U.S. during the nuclear deal negotiations.

The U.S. entered the controversial nuclear deal with the Iranian regime under the Obama administration in 2015, and President Trump withdrew from the deal in 2018, calling it “defective at its core.”

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