New Jersey Officials: Democrat Phil Murphy Improperly Gave $10M in Coronavirus Funds to Illegal Aliens


New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D) improperly gave $10 million in Chinese coronavirus funds to illegal aliens in the form of stimulus checks, state oversight officials allege.

As Breitbart News reported last year, Murphy provided the state’s nearly half a million illegal aliens with rounds of stimulus checks to the sum of tens of millions of dollars — paid for by American taxpayers — that was meant as coronavirus relief for Americans.

Now, the state’s Office of Legislative Services (OLS) is accusing Murphy of improperly allocating $10 million to fund stimulus checks for illegal aliens in New Jersey, reports:

Gov. Phil Murphy’s administration in April made what appears to be an improper transfer of $10 million in federal coronavirus relief money, according to an email from New Jersey’s nonpartisan Office of Legislative Services. [Emphasis added]

The OLS sent the email Wednesday to inform state lawmakers that one of those transfers “appears to violate the rules established” in the state budget for the current fiscal year. [Emphasis added]

The appropriations act set aside $200 million in federal funds that the governor could directly allocate to pandemic-related programs without legislative approval. But language in the bill states that those allocations are “not to exceed $10 million for each such eligible program…” [Emphasis added]

Murphy’s office insisted that they followed the law.


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