New Jersey homeowners say aggressive turkeys are terrorizing community

Fox News

A large flock of aggressive wild turkeys appears to be exacting some Thanksgiving revenge, having swooped down out of nowhere on a once-tranquil New Jersey 55-and-over community that is now being terrorized by the unwelcome invaders. No one appears to be happy that the mean birds — as many as 60 of them — have muscled in on Holiday City in Toms River and become a gobbling nuisance, according to reports. “The turkeys are taking over,” one resident told News 12 New Jersey. “It’s like an infestation.” The woman said people think it’s a laughing matter but it’s serious. “When I can’t get out of my house to get in the car because they won’t go away and you can’t get them to go away and they go to bite you, yes, it’s a problem,” she told the station.