New details emerge in ‘violent’ Eliza Fletcher kidnapping

Missing Memphis teacher Eliza Fletcher was forced into a black SUV in a “violent” manner — and a pair of sandals left at the scene helped cops locate her alleged abductor, according to police documents obtained by The Post Sunday.

Fletcher, 34, was abducted on her regular 4 a.m. jog Friday after stalked by Cleotha Abston, who’d waited for her to run past him, the police affidavit alleged. She had run from her home in the fancy Central Gardens neighborhood to a nice area near the University of Memphis campus.

Court records show Abston, 38, is a previously convicted kidnapper: he pleaded guilty to especially aggravated kidnapping and robbery in 2001. He was sentenced to 24 years and 11 years in prison respectively, although it is unclear how long he remained incarcerated and if he served his sentences concurrently.

Tennessee authorities obtained surveillance footage of the kidnapping, which allegedly showed Abston running “aggressively toward the victim, and then force the victim Eliza Fletcher into the passenger’s side of the vehicle,” the documents said.

“During the abduction, there appeared to be a struggle,” according to the affidavit, which cited “noticeable damage to the back-passenger taillight area” of the GMC Terrain.  


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