Nevada toddler killed by rattlesnake bite – Local hospital ‘didn’t do enough’

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WINNEMUCCA, Nev. (News 4 & Fox 11) —

Mike and Carie Johnson of Winnemucca are demanding change after their 3-year-old daughter, Alyssa, died from a rattlesnake bite over the weekend.

“In Humboldt County, we need a real hospital here, one that actually has good training,” says Carie.

The Johnson’s were walking near their home on Saturday when Alyssa was bitten. Her father rushed her to Humboldt General Hospital where they say she was denied anti-venom treatment for three and a half hours. The family claims doctors said she didn’t need anti-venom and was stabilizing.

“They were not out,” says Mike. “They had it. They told us both they had it, that she didn’t need it.”

Alyssa’s parents say that after nearly four hours, hospital doctors decided Alyssa should be transported via ambulance to Renown’s Children Hospital in Reno for treatment. Carie tells News 4 Alyssa’s condition worsened on the drive and Humbdolt General Hospital ambulance staff didn’t do enough on the way to Reno.

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