Biden campaign worried the inauguration could turn into Trump MAGA rally (video)

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“What do you do if our people don’t show up and his do?”

Some members of Joe Biden’s campaign team are reportedly worried that Inauguration Day in Washington, D.C. might turn into a huge President Trump rally, similar to the raucous “Make America Great Again” events he held throughout the campaign.

In a Daily Beast piece headlined “Biden World Fears Trump Will Bring ‘Weird S***’ to Their Inauguration,” the liberal website says Biden supporters, more worried about COVID-19 than Trump supporters, might not attend — but MAGA supporters just might fill that void.

“Inaugurals always require intricate planning. This one will be a really delicate dance to have that element of accessibility without risk,” Steve Kerrigan, who served as the CEO of the 2013 Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC), told the Beast. “I cannot see a President-elect Biden, like Trump, putting narcissism or ego ahead of the safety of people.”

“But the questions being confronted by inauguration planners are now twofold. How do you actually keep attendees away? And if wannabe revelers decide not to show up, will you be left with a mass gathering of Trump supporters in their place?” the Beast wrote.

“What do you do if our people don’t show up and his do?” one official involved in inaugural planning reportedly said. “They probably will, and the last thing you want is a MAGA rally on the Mall when Joe Biden is sworn in as president … I think [Trump] would want to make it as much of a s***show as possible.”


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